Bellway Homes West Midlands – Land off Meadow Way


Bellway Homes West Midlands are bringing forward development proposals in Baldwins Gate

Bellway Homes Consultation Event Leaflet

Copy of the presentation boards used by Bellway Homes at the Public Exhibition Wednesday 27th April 2016 Baldwins Gate Boards – Final Compressed

5th May 2016 Following the Public Exhibition held by Bellway Homes with regard to a possible development at the end of Meadow Way, the Parish Council intends to call a public meeting to discuss this issue as soon as a Planning Application is received. The Parish Council will also be sending a response to Bellway Homes following their Public Exhibition.

9th June 2016 Following the Public Exhibition the Parish Council sent the following to Bellway Homes West Midlands

‘Following your Public Exhibition held at Whitmore Village Hall on 27th April last concerning the intention of Bellway Homes to apply for Planning permission for 99 dwellings on land at the end of Meadow Way in Baldwins Gate, Whitmore Parish Council wishes to make the following comments:-

Baldwins Gate at present comprises approximateley 350 dwellings. Outline Planning permission was recently granted by Appeal for a further 113 dwellings to be built on land at the end of Gateway Avenue in Baldwins Gate thereby increasing the size of Baldwins gate by # 30%. This followed  strenuous objection by both local residents and Whitmore Parish Council due to a range of concerns, notably:-

– very limited services available in the village. Until recently, Baldwins Gate was delimited by a Village Envelope and judged to be non-sustainable for further development due to the paucity of available services. The services have not improved or increased since.

– single narrow side road access (Gateway Avenue) onto the busy and relatively narrow major A53 road which runs through the middle of the village.

– density of development totally out of keeping with a Rural Village in general and with the existing developments within the village in particular.

– surface water drainage issues given that the Gateway site suffers regular flooding.

– foul water and sewerage issues given the local experience of the limitations of the existing infrastructure.

 The envisaged development in Meadow Way would take the size of Baldwins Gate from #350 to 562 viz an increase of #60%. It will be subject to opposition on all the same bases as listed above (with a greater concern over flooding of this site) PLUS that of real damage to the environment (particularly Chorlton Moss) PLUS a very strong DEMAND for serious provision of extra services to be made a formal requirement should Planning Permission be granted.

Please note that if a Planning Application succeeds in being validated for this development and it enters the public domain for comment, Whitmore Parish Council will seek a mandate from the residents as to the position that it will take by calling a Public Meeting in order to ensure that all interested parties are fully versed on what is being proposed and to air the concerns that they have. Representatives from Cerda and Bellway Homes will be invited to assist in order to present their project and to take and respond to questions from the floor.’

9th January 2017 Whitmore Parish Council (WPC) has been notified by Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council (NULBC) that Bellway Homes have submitted a Planning application to build 99 homes on open green-field land off Meadow Way. Access will be via Meadow Way, which will require the demolition of number 1 Pasture Close. Details of the application, reference16/01101/FUL, can be viewed on the NULBC Planning Portal, or by clicking on the following link,

WPC will be supporting the Action Group in objecting to this application, which we see as a further unjustified and unwarranted development in the Parish. We hope that we can count on everyone’s support by joining the Action Group, and or, making individual representations to NULBC objecting to the application. All objections must be submitted no later than 23rd March 2016.

For further information, please contact Mr David Harrison, Chairman of the Baldwins Gate Action Group 2 (BGAG2). Contact details 07796841112, or email