Madeley Park Wood

Madeley Park Wood is situated along Manor Road on the southern end of a steeply wooded hill about halfway between Baldwins Gate and Madeley villages, overlooking the River Lea Valley and West Coast railway line.

It contains some 128 properties and is the second largest settlement in the parish with fine views to the east and, in some places, extensive views to the north and west. Many houses are surrounded by trees and are hidden from view.

The earlier and higher part of the estate consists of houses and bungalows on good size plots in a mixture of mellow bricks, render and some stone work. Each has been developed to a unique design. Many of the older properties have been modernised and extended in recent years.

Most of the properties in Medeley Park Wood were developed after the Second World War and mainly in the 1960s and 70s. There are additionally some large modern houses developed in the 1990s located on a less wooded road overlooking the River Lea Valley.