Parish Council Grounds Maintenance Contract

The Parish Council appoints a contractor through a tendering process to carry out grounds maintenance works in some areas of the Parish.

The areas that the Parish Council maintains can be viewed on this map. MapAreasMaintained

Copies of the contract specification documents associated with the tendering process can be viewed below;

Invitation to Tender Summary Document

2017 WPC SpecPT1 General

2017 WPC SpecPT2

2017 WPC SpecPT3

2017 WPC SpecPT4

Tender Submission Documents Feb 2017

The Parish Council appoints a Supervising Officer to oversee the quality and performance of the contract.

Councillor Colin Perry has been appointed Supervising Officer and Chair of the Parish Appearance Group from 1st April 2017.

Following a competitive tendering process the Grounds Maintenance Contract has been awarded to Cropper Grounds Maintenance Limited from 1st April 2017.