Roads, Highways & Litter

The roads, including pavements in the Parish, are maintained by Staffordshire County Council.

The County Council actively seeks assistance from the public. It provides a reporting system so that the public can in notifying any problems.

You can personally report a problem to Staffordshire County Council and how to do this can be found here Roads & Highways

You can make a Report Online

Be prepared to give details of the problem and its location. When the details are recorded a unique reference number is allocated to the problem so that you can track its progress at a later date.


Litter and rubbish are dealt with by Newcastle Borough Council who, under environmental legislation, are responsible for the tidiness of the Borough including Whitmore Parish.

The Borough Council can also be contacted direct T: 01782 742529.

View the Newcastle Borough Council website.

Parish Council Role

The Parish Council is concerned about the state of the roads and tidiness of the Parish. However we would like to actively encourage everyone to report the problem directly. By directly reporting issues the required response should be faster.

The Parish Council also allocates is financial resources to keeping the A53 pavements free form litter, stones and plant growth through its Grounds Maintenance contract. The pavement is swept during the first week of every month.