Whitmore Recreation Ground

The Whitmore Recreation Ground is held in trust by a registered charity know as ‘Whitmore Recreation Ground’.

Whitmore Parish Council is one of the trustees and also funds the maintenance and manages the usage of the Recreation Ground.

Several developments have taken place over many years and now the recreation ground includes;

An enclosed small children’s play area

Children’s play equipment

Exercise equipment Trim Trail

Picnic tables and benches.

A report was commissioned from the Staffordshire Football Association in 2016 to assess the condition of the football pitch and make to recommendations as to the future improvements.

FA Pitch Improvement Programme Report – Whitmore Village Hall (08-04-16)

In 2016 junior football goals were installed and a junior football pitch marked out.

The area is now suitable for Junior Football and Walking Football.

The Parish Council is keen to hear from anyone that is interested in using the football pitch and that might wish to develop sports groups and teams.

Historical Documents

Extract from Inclosure Award dated 20th November 1846

Allotment for Exercise and Recreation

Charity Commission Registration Certificate_522783

Whitmore Recreation Ground Land Registry SF517025