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The Parish of Whitmore has an area of about 20 square miles and has six settlements. There are around 650 dwellings and a 1999 Mid-Year Population Estimate of 1410. The Parish varies in height from 137 – 182 metres above sea level and there are outstanding views to all points of the compass and the higher surrounding hills create an intimate feel to the countryside. Surprisingly, rain that falls in the Parish may end up in the North Sea, the Bristol Channel or the Mersey as the main watershed of England lies just outside the Parish. There are traces of human occupation and land use in the Parish over the last 4000 years. For instance, the late Neolithic tumuli in Maer Hills, a late Iron Age hill fort known as “The Borough”, the Roman camp on Camp Hill, the Roman Signal Station in Manor Road and Saxon associations with Whitmore Hall and Church. The parish comprises five main settlements:

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